Monday, August 16, 2010


So I'm not very good at this blog thing. It seems that I've completely forgotten that I even had a blog this past month. Luckily, some good things have happened lately...

The Gosford youth camp, MAD Camp, took place on the last weekend in July and it was very successful. We had around 60 full-time campers and it seemed that the weekend went off without a hitch! The theme of camp was "Pay it Forward." I really think that the kids learned a lot and are hopfully applying what they learned at camp to their everyday lives at home, school and in the community.

Here is a pic of my friend, Amanda, and I at camp:

The day after camp, a few of us met up in Sydney to eat at Pancakes on the Rocks and walk around in the harbour. It was the first time that I'd made it to downtown Sydney in the daytime, so I was able to get a good look at the opera house and the harbour bridge. Here is a pic of me and the opera house:

This past week, I found a place to live! It is very exciting. I am going to be living in a one-bedroom flat that is fully furnished. It is great! I move in this next Monday, the 23rd of August. I am really looking forward to having a place of my own and it is so nice that it comes with everything included in the price. I already have some ideas of how I am going to decorate. I will upload pics once I have some.
That is pretty much what has been happening the past month. I am keeping busy for sure! I really am learning to love Australia and it is so great to be doing what I have dreamed about for so long. I will try not to take a month to update this thing next time!

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