Monday, July 19, 2010


Last week I bought a car! Yay! It is a 1991 Honda Civic, 2-door hatchback. It only has about 185,000 K's on it, so for being almost 20 years old, that is not very much. Thanks to my brother for pointing out how excited I am to have my own car, especially since this is a car that I would never choose in the US. Ha.

We drove it to Sydney this past weekend, and it did pretty well. It is very economical, which is what I was looking for. The main things that I was looking for in a car were:

1. Power Steering
2. Heat/Air
3. Not a Gas-guzzler
4. Automatic (stick shift with the opposite hand?-I don't think so)

In other news, I am going to look at a one-bedroom apartment tomorrow to possibly rent starting at the end of August. Jenny (the other HIM worker) is heading home to the US for 3 weeks, so I will be staying at her flat while she is gone. The apartment I will be looking at comes fully furnished and includes water and electricity in the price. Everything is done by the week here, so the rent would be $250 a week. What I am really excited about is that this place is close to the beach! Coming from Kansas/Oklahoma, living within walking distance to the beach would be a whole new adventure!! I will keep everyone up to date on how the viewing goes...

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  1. Hi Anne, So glad to hear you are getting settled in "Down Under"! I talked with your mom today and she said you were meeting a lot of nice people but are ready for Spring! I wish we could send you some of our warm weather! Am looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about some of the cultural differences - maybe I'll share some of your posts with my students if you don't mind! Take care - you are in my prayers!